Vegan Pantry Essentials

One question people have when first transitioning to a plant based diet is what food to buy? Friends and family (especially grandmas) will often worry that we are going to miraculously find ourselves stranded on a desert island starving to death. Or at least the modern equivalent, lying in bed hungry every night.

You can tell your grandma no need to worry, I’ve put together a list of essentials to stock your vegan pantry with so much food you’ll be the one sending her home with tupperware (well, stainless steal bento boxes ofc).


I love seeing inside others pantries, which is probably super nosy (but also very interesting!) Every household has different essentials so feel free to take mine with a grain of salt and customize to suit your own needs.

When I started to note down everything I have in my pantry it became obvious that we have managed to pack a lot of ingredients into a small space. If you’re just starting out transitioning into a plant based diet, or beginning to cook for yourself there is no need to rush out and get everything at once. I recommend starting off with a few items from each category. Add things in as you go to make it more affordable!

Storing your ingredients in old jars is a great way to re purpose while making your pantry look aesthetically pleasing! I have re used jars from Fix & Fogg peanut butter, Raglan coconut yoghurt, sun dried tomatoes etc and even picked some large ones up from second hand stores.

I used the DYMO embossing label maker for labeling my jars. 

All ingredients listed are available for purchase at standard supermarkets and are reasonably priced, aka no crazy super food powders that you’ll have to import from the country of origin.

If you’re looking at reducing your plastic/waste, all essentials (including to the canned items you can cook from scratch) can be purchased from zero waste stores. I find it super easy and head down to the Good For Store with a basket full of jars that needing to be topped up, pre weigh them on site and fill to my needs! Plus they have some amazing vegan chocolate covered berries & treats you can pick up while you’re there. 

If you’re wanting to find out the type of meals I make with the ingredients listed, see my Easy Vegan Eats Ebook for 30+ recipes of my go-to dishes.

Now you’ve got a good idea of the essentials I have on hand for creating easy vegan dinners, below are the ingredients used for breakfasts and baking in our house hold. One of my favourite sweet dishes in summer time is a smoothie bowl (see re usable section for essential coconut bowls to get the added on-a-beach-in-Bali feel).

I have another jar in my pantry full of home made granola. I often make a batch for the week – with lots of the super food section packed in. This goes in a large jar that can be eaten on it’s own or with some of our favourite oat milk!


If you’re wondering where all the delicious plants are, below are my tips & tricks for stocking your kitchen with fresh produce!


Every Sunday Wellington city is host to fruit & veggie markets down at the waterfront and on Victoria street where local farmers can sell their goods directly to the public. This is an ideal way to get a range of plastic free produce, for affordable prices – if you’re not wellington based I recommend you checkout where they have these in your city!

Make sure to take along your cash to spend and produce bags to fill with goodness!

I often pickup one large bunch of browned bananas (these are always cheap!) and freeze for smoothies during the week. When your favourite fruits and berries are in season, this is also a great way to have them around for longer. Also, don’t let any herbs go to waste by chopping & popping in the freezer for when you’re making curries etc.

HANDY TIP –  do not wash you fruit & vegetables before storing them – as this shortens their life span by allowing an environment where bacteria can grow. In order for your produce to last as long as possible and avoid waste, only wash when you are ready to use it.


I hope you enjoyed this peek into my pantry. Feel free to screenshot/download the shopping list template below and #eatmoreplants.

I’d love to know what you have stocked in your pantry, let me know in the comments & checkout dishes created using these ingredients at Eden.Vegan on Instagram.

xx Tess

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