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Crispy Peanut & Quinoa salad topped with Turmeric Cumin Plant Patties

Crispy Peanut & Quinoa salad topped with Turmeric Cumin Plant Patties

There are more ways to eat a #vegan pattie than in a burger 😉 This recipe is a fun, fresh alternative to your classic pattie use. It’s super simple to make and ingredients can be subbed for whatever you have on hand (there’s nothing worse than going to make a recipe and not only missing one item!) No need for a supermarket trip, the salad can include any vegetables of your choosing.

I’ve been working with local NZ company Amino Mantra recently to develop some delicious plant based, gluten free recipes that everyone can enjoy this summer! This dish incorporates a wide range of fresh veg, all the colours of the rainbow… with a powerful flavour KICK (think zesty lime, crunchy patties & a spicy satay sauce).

The Fijian Turmeric & Cumin Plant Patties with Carrot and Pinto Beans used in this recipe can be found at New World, along with Amino Mantra’s three other plant pattie flavours. I know i’ve said this before, but this flavour might just be my new favourite.

Drizzle the crispy peanut & pattie salad with fresh lime juice and don’t forget to add some of my delicious satay dressing…

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Vegan Poke Bowl with Smoky BBQ Patties

Hey guys!

I’m back with another easy vegan recipe. I’ve recently teamed up with New Zealand brand Amino Mantra to create a delicious, summery plant based dish… You probably guessed it by the title, Vegan Poke Bowl with Smoky BBQ Patties!

Poke bowls are traditionally served with seafood, and various vegetables. The dish I’ve created today is my #vegan take on the Poke bowl. Served hot and cold, with freshly diced vegetables and iron rich brown rice. The taste highlight of the dish is the crispy smoky BBQ patties by Amino Mantra served next to the cool fresh cucumber.

Amino Mantra specialise in all natural, organic, hand crafted products. With a varied range of patties including Smokey BBQ (used in this recipe) as well as Caramelised Garlic & Chives, Fiji Turmeric & Cumin and Black Truffle & Thyme. The entire range is vegan and gluten free so is yours for the choosing.

Scroll down for the quick & easy to follow recipe!

This colourful dish is packed with rich BBQ patties and crispy red radish. Gluten free and vegan friendly. Ideal for a meal prep or to make as a fresh summer dinner. Easy to prepare in 20-30 minutes, you can mix the poke bowl up with seasonal vegetables.

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Kiwi bunnace burger

Kiwi bunnace burger – recipe blog post

I’m excited to share a new plant based recipe! This recipe is a ‘bunnace’ burger (aka burger with a lettuce bun!) Ideal for a light meal, the patties are made with HuVa burger mix, making them easy to take along on any a summer roadie – no need to be without tasty vegan options.

I’ve teamed up with HuVa on this dish, to celebrate their plant-based range that has just launched into Countdown supermarkets in New Zealand. The range includes Bolognaise, Chilli Con Carne, San Choy Bau, Falafel and Burger Mix. HuVa aims to make it easy for people who want to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diet -the perfect company for me to collaborate with as that’s my aim too.

Their products are affordable at $9.00 (currently on sale for $7!) and can feed up to four people, packed with protein and iron. The HuVa meals are quick and easy to make, adding only water to the mixes. You can just add some fresh ingredients and your meal is complete.

Check out the recipe below and make sure to snap a picture of you re-creations tagging @eden.vegan on Instagram.

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Jackfruit Souvlaki

Hey guys! Jackfruit souvlaki is my take on the traditional greek dish – swapping meat for jackfruit therefore having it as a cruelty free vegan alternative. I’ve had some amazing feedback on the jackfruit recipes on my blog currently (dumplings,curry & pie) so I thought why not add another one to the mix. This recipe […]

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Mamias Veggie Burgers

It’s burger night! If there is one thing i’m pro at, it’s eating burgers. I find homemade burgers are my favourite kind as you can mix and match your stack depending on the ingredients you have on hand – and how hungry you are at the time! I’m excited to share with you my new […]

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Vegan Jackfruit Pie

Welcome back to another easy vegan recipe! As you may well know, i’m a tad jackfruit obsessed…here’s another dish i’ve created with the fantastic fruit! Lately it’s been getting colder in Wellington and my family have been craving cosy comfort dishes. I’ve been working on the recipe for a delicious vegan pie.. and I’m pretty […]

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Vegan Butter Jackfruit Curry

Hey guys If you’ve been following me on Eden Vegan for a while, you’re probably well aware that jackfruit is one of my favourite ingredients. Young Green Jackfruit is available canned (unless you’re located in South East Asia and can get this vibrant fruit fresh). Jackfruit is well known as a natural meat substitute, especially […]

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Vegan Jackfruit Dumplings

Hey guys! Due to the COVID’-19 lockdown in New Zealand (as well as most of the world) i’ve been at home a lot more recently and have been keeping myself busy. Mainly by creating recipes that take more time than my usual #easyveganeats dishes. I thought making jackfruit dumplings from scratch would be a great […]

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