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Jackfruit Souvlaki

Hey guys! Jackfruit souvlaki is my take on the traditional greek dish – swapping meat for jackfruit therefore having it as a cruelty free vegan alternative. I’ve had some amazing feedback on the jackfruit recipes on my blog currently (dumplings,curry & pie) so I thought why not add another one to the mix. This recipe […]

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Vegan Jackfruit Pie

Welcome back to another easy vegan recipe! As you may well know, i’m a tad jackfruit obsessed…here’s another dish i’ve created with the fantastic fruit! Lately it’s been getting colder in Wellington and my family have been craving cosy comfort dishes. I’ve been working on the recipe for a delicious vegan pie.. and I’m pretty […]

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Vegan Butter Jackfruit Curry

Hey guys If you’ve been following me on Eden Vegan for a while, you’re probably well aware that jackfruit is one of my favourite ingredients. Young Green Jackfruit is available canned (unless you’re located in South East Asia and can get this vibrant fruit fresh). Jackfruit is well known as a natural meat substitute, especially […]

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